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Schneider, John Sims and Amina Eagle. Turczyn" for the Dynasty Brush blog. Renee Phillips publishes "P. Renee Phillips on "Artist P. Beth Lowell on "The results are in! The Reiki Digest's focus group analysis - Does art help the healing process? A diverse group of Reiki practitioners worked with my Reiki mandala and filled out survey questions about their experience.

Turczyn" for the SF Mosaic blog. View all of today's events. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Follow Instagram. Chronogram Magazine. Monthly Forecast. Pontius Pilate Lorelai Kude scans the skies and plots our horoscopes for June. Prepare to finally catch your breath after the new moon on February 4, as you switch gears from the universal to the personal. January begins a new energy cycle, and after the latter half of 's many retrogrades and re-adjustments, comes not a moment too soon. Astrologer Lorelai Kude scans the skies and interprets our horoscopes for the month of November Monthly Forecast October Astrology Forecast: Roap Map to Intimacy May Contain Detours The Sun in Venus-ruled Libra through October 23 challenges us to maintain our balance when Venus in Mars-ruled Scorpio begins her retrograde on October 5, tossing aside a slightly wilted bouquet and kicking a box of semi-stale chocolates to the curb.

It's time to cut the romance and get real, and in this case "real" means really honest—with ourselves and with our partners. When life has been hitting you over the head with a 2x4, it feels so good when the beatings stop! The desire to self-actualize is often sacrificed on the altar of conformity.

Hudson Valley Events submit event Events. User Submitted. But where to rest your weary head? Happy camping. Camping for Water Signs, aka Waterfront Camping To look at an aerial photo of the Hudson Valley and the Catskills is to behold a verdant landscape laced with countless waterways, from babbling brooks to curving creeks to backyard ponds and mountain lakes.

In this water-logged region, there is no shortage of campsites that have access to a lake, pond, river, or stream. North-South Lake.

July 2018 events in the United States

There are also boat rentals and two picnic areas with charcoal grills. Beaver Pond. The campsites can also accommodate trailers and RVs. Lake Taghkanic State Park. And there are four vacation cottages, if glamping is more your style. Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park.

This site is nestled at the base of Slide Mountain, the tallest peak in the Catskills, and surrounded by Panther, Cornell, and Wittenberg Mountains. Bonus: you can cool off or catch dinner by tubing or fishing at Esopus Creek. Sam Pryor Shawangunk Gateway Campground. Alpine Endeavors provides guided tours.


Groups of 10 or more must get permits from a forest ranger at least two weeks in advance. A popular route is to hike the eight miles from Vernooy Kill Falls. There are several swimming spots and day hikes—including to Bish Bash Falls, just across the border into Massachusetts—. The Beaverkill River flows east-to-west through this site and is regarded as one of the best trout fishing streams in the country. A few miles north lies the Delaware Wild Forest, with 33 miles of hiking trails. Sebago Cabin Camp. Visitors also have access to tennis courts, a recreation hall, and the full range of recreational activities including biking, boating, fishing, hiking, and cross-country skiing at Harriman plus: restrooms with showers.

Old Town Road, Beacon This family-owned and -operated campground is hike-in and hike-out, with primitive sites for campers who bring their own gear. The platform sites, on the other hand, are tarped and come with a chowbox containing cooking equipment, playing cards, a fly swatter, and more not-quite essentials. Learn more at www. It has hosted large-scale events since the s and came under new ownership in , which has repositioned the resort as a perfect site for festivals and company retreats.

For Campers with Separation Anxiety, aka Dog-Friendly Camping The only thing better than sleeping out in the brisk summer night air with the sound of tree frogs and crickets lulling you to sleep is to do so while snuggling your dog. Glen Highland Farm.

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Kenneth L. Wilson Campground. There are 35 miles of hiking and biking trails accessible from here, plus access to Little Beaver Kill. The volunteers in kayaks who just cleaned up the waterway to blaze a brand new water trail from Wickham Lake to Memorial Park. The groundbreaking for the new radiology wing at Saint Anthony Community Hospital. The parents who came together to turn derelict playground into an accessible wonderland.

A castle!

Resume : Jennifer Grimyser Portfolio

Warwick schools, with acres of dedicated solar panels, have been the only. Around the turn of the 21st century, Warwick Valley citizens opted to further beef up the natural protections afforded by the Appalachian Trail peaks and wetlands with a Purchase of Development Rights PDR program that will help preserve key farmland in perpetuity. All that agriculture fuels a foodie paradise. The third annual Warwick. Food Truck Festival will dole out even more variety July , pm, complete with live music and craft bevvies galore.

From Correctional to Recreational Scant weeks after Governor Cuomo announced the closure of the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in , a bipartisan working group had drawn up a page action plan that balanced economic development, public recreation, and aquifer protection. The state-of-the-art athletic center provides professional-grade facilities and training for young athletes. For the grand opening, the Austrian-born Fuchs, who plays for the English club Leicester City, invited a number of his fellow professional footballers to come play an all-star charity match.

The game, and an accompanying auction, benefitted Beautiful People, a Warwick-based nonprofit adaptive sports program. By the end of , there will be high-grade CBD oil processed from locally grown hemp in a renovated dairy barn onsite. The famed black dirt also grows terrific hemp, which is seeing enthusiastic adoption by local farmers. Collaborative Culture The conscious, creative curation that turned a onetime penitentiary into a place for fun, education, healing, and industry is classic Warwick Valley.

The villages and hamlets bubble with intriguing shopping, dining, lively groups, and enticing events. They organize events that lift everyone up and train their people to offer a certain level of welcome. Delivering your print materials to the Hudson Valley, Berkshires, and beyond. Mon-Thurs 9am-9pm Fri-Sat 9ampm Sun noon-6pm merrilypaper. On July 28, the good folk of the Warwick Historical Society will be giving tours from pm.

And anytime you visit Warwick, you can download the Warwick Walking Tour app and get schooled. Meanwhile, here are some of the seminal moments that shaped this epic place. The Iron Act met the iron will of Lawrence Scrawley, who had opened his tilt-hammer forge at Bellvale in Scrawley refused to close, and the Brits destroyed the forge. Not quite 30 years later, the ironforgers of Warwick would gather at the Secret Forge and craft the Great Chain. Each inch link weighed about pounds. Stretched across the Hudson on April 30, , the Great Chain made the channel impassable to Redcoat warships.

Previously, the area had been a lake and Pine Island an actual island. May blessings be about you, beautiful Warwick; may your fields be as green, your waters as bright, the cattle upon your hundred hills as fruitful, as in the days of old. Previously, the Village of Warwick had been but a face in the crowd, no more inherently exciting or successful than Amity or Eden.

The railroad changed all that, becoming the first ever to transport milk in refrigerated cars, and leaving behind a groovy depot. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were believers in the curative powers of sunshine, good fresh food, and mentoring, and for a couple of decades the school had the resources to be a pretty decent place.

The best known alumni is Claude Brown, author of Manchild in the Promised Land, who observed that the place made boys better criminals but ultimately managed to use it as a stepping stone on the way to Howard University. After a few decades as an adult prison, this lovely slice of the valley has been reimagined as a place of health, pleasure, and prosperity. Organizers of the group Warwick in Bloom, having led Warwick to floral victory at both national and global levels, do not simply rest on their laurels or in their hanging baskets.

There will be live music, vendors, collaborative art, locally made holistic goods, and food trucks. Nourishing the mind, body, and soil since Multiple Locations hudsonvalleyjazzfest gmail. Conscious Habitat was designed to be a place for inner reflection and self care. All of our services promote relaxation, detoxification, or both.

Whether it's an Italian olive oil, a Peruvian olive oil, a traditional balsamic vinegar, a sherry vinegar, or a dried pasta, you can rest assured that each is utterly fresh, topshelf quality, and absolutely delicious. Special orders are always welcome, but please call ahead. Free delivery to all residents of Warwick. Saturday hours are 10am-5pm and Sunday hours are 10am-3pm. Newhards is a jewel box of curated and fun products ever changing with the seasons.

Free gift wrapping. We breed alpacas to process their hyper-fine wool. Visit our farm! Enjoy stress-free shopping and personal service. But legal weed, once again, died on the vine. What had earlier in the year seemed like a foregone conclusion—the legalization of recreational marijuana for adult use in New York—was reined in by police unions and PTAs, scaremongering anti-legalization groups, and a cold-footed Democratic caucus whose differences seemed to grow by the day. On the other side, the push to reform marijuana policy in the state of the Rockefeller drug laws included movements driven by social.

It promises to be an incredibly complex industry, and a very lucrative one: The state estimates revenues of half a billion dollars in the first year alone. Public conversations are happening throughout the Hudson Valley. The gathered throng displayed a wide range in familiarity levels with the plant and the legislation, and competing passions and prerogatives.

Though most New Yorkers now support pot legalization, there are many competing factions with different policy priorities. And if the destination is now generally agreed upon, the path forward still remains as tangled as ever. Momentum toward legalization picked up in , the year New York passed the Compassionate Care Act, aka the medical marijuana bill. On the eve of that session, Senator Krueger introduced the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act, a recreational bill that cherry-picked policies from other states and European markets that have ended cannabis prohibition.

With slight tweaks, the MRTA has been reintroduced year after year, picking up cosponsors along the way. A to percent majority of New Yorkers now support the sale of legal marijuana, according to a Quinnipiac poll released in January, with little deviation between New York City, upstate, and suburban voters. I believe that New York State can have the best marijuana legalization in the country.

The laws vary, but what we know from other states is largely encouraging. Legalization also legitimized black-market jobs and created new ones, and sales and tax revenues exceeded initial estimates in each state, once consumers and regulators adjusted to new systems. One of the main drivers of this? Cannabis tourism. With 19 dispensaries and counting in Massachusetts, and New Jersey moving to legalize marijuana, there is some pressure for New York act before losing that slice of revenue to neighboring states.

And despite the competing agendas, by far the most common concern across camps is preventing a corporate cannabis takeover. Acreage, one of the biggest cannabis companies in the country, runs operations in 22 states as an investment vehicle and parent company, and recently opened a medical dispensary in Middletown.

Etten and other Acreage operators have worked closely with Albany to advance comprehensive reform. The CCA awarded licenses for five companies to operate four dispensaries each the number of companies has since expanded to By contrast, Montana has 88 medical dispensaries, and California has more than medical and recreational shops. Green says.

Revamped medical regulation as part of an omnibus marijuana reform law could expand qualifying conditions, allow more practitioners to authorize prescriptions, reduce training course time, and even provide over-the-counter medicines. Medical reform could mean a greater variety of products, too, from edibles to smokeable products derived from the flower.

The standards for medical marijuana have to be high to meet the needs of immunocompromised people, Peckham explains, which prevents those kinds of products from being brought to market. License to Chill The Compassionate Care Act requires companies to be vertically integrated from seed to sale, driving startup and application costs to exorbitant levels—a barrier to entry that only the exceedingly well-funded have been able to clear.

Legalization proponents are committed to avoiding the same mistake for recreational cannabis. One bold idea for leveling the playing field is to eliminate caps on licenses and to allow micro and partial licenses. Advocates say that would increase competition and allow for a robust ancillary economy to grow up around the core market of cultivation and distribution, as businesses apply for specialized licenses in manufacturing and processing, research, and testing. To Leland Radovanovic, a senior strategist with the cannabis communications firm Powerplant Strategies, the legislation in other states missed a golden opportunity on this front.

Micro licenses for manufacturing and selling alcoholic beverages in New York have helped create the flourishing craft brewing and distilling industry in the state. He thinks the idea could have a positive impact on Hudson Valley tourism. After studying the farm brewery and farm winery license models, she realized that the MRTA had a blind spot when it came to recognizing cannabis as an agricultural crop. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, in , black people in upstate cities were There have been several amendments added to the proposed bill to address marijuana regulation as a criminal reform.

As it is written now, the bill would expunge prior lower-level marijuana convictions, expand the resentencing and reclassification of other weed-related crimes, help people transition from the illicit to the legal market, and grant greater preference for sales licenses to those affected by prior marijuana convictions. The most vocal legislator on this front has been Assemblywoman Peoples-Stokes, who struck a more cautious tone throughout the legislative process.

The disconnect was a sign of things to come. The Governor and seemingly all of the legislators working on the cannabis reform agree that any bill needs to include social justice provisos, but what that looks like remains to be determined. In lieu of the MRTA passing, some activists want to see a stop-gap measure like a statewide moratorium on arrests, but Senator Krueger dismissed the idea. THC, or deltatetrahydrocannabinol, is the cannabinoid molecule in cannabis that gets you high; CBD is one of the or so that does not. Shipping it across state lines is technically illegal, though rarely enforced.

Many of the CBD products on the market, meanwhile, are purposefully vague about their benefits, since the FDA prohibits unproven health claims. A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at 84 CBD products sold online, and found that 26 percent of them had less CBD than advertised, and 43 percent had more. Heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants have also been found in CBD products. There have been wasted opportunities in hemp, too. The Farm Bill removed industrial hemp from the controlled. But the infrastructure required by local farmers to take advantage of this growing market is sorely lacking.

There are , acres of industrial hemp in cultivation this year, but no processing facilities or private testing labs online in the state. But the most recent version of the bill brings hemp, CBD, and medical and adult-use recreational marijuana under the auspices of the Office of Cannabis Management and creates new regulatory frameworks for each sector.

Next Steps If legalization happens through the legislature next year, it will be because the different competing camps came together in support of the MRTA. The other option is to approve a package as part of the executive. To this point, there has been little talk of a statewide ballot initiative. Regardless of when it happens, the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act is not completely prescriptive. Every shelf, table, and most of the floor was crowded with ceramic heads and figures, many of them fine-featured girls with fragile-looking bodies, one draped majestically in a cape fashioned from used coffee filters, some seated on elephants, all scarred and cracked from the firing process.

Sigunick had developed her own complex technique, which allowed for the imperfections she delighted in. More than mere representation or a recitation of styles, however, her clay figures seemed to embody the mysteries and ambiguities of the human condition, bearing the rhythms of birth and desecration in their scorched and fissured surfaces. Such a transcendent imagination seemed to defy the limits of time and space. Her empathy, joyful enthusiasm, disciplined work ethic, inquisitive mind, humor, and generosity of spirit were such an outpouring of life and youthful energy that news of her passing on April 19 was a shock to many in the wide circle of her friends and colleagues.

Despite fighting cancer, Sigunick was the eternal optimist: friends who had seen her not long before her death noted that she was filled with ideas and planning new work. Raised in Chicago, Sigunick graduated from the University of Illinois. With her first husband, she lived in Europe and Israel before moving back to her home city and becoming a social worker.


In , her newborn child was tragically killed in a car accident a trauma that later found its way into her art, along with her complicated relationship with her sister. In the s, after having two more children and separating from her first husband, she met Phil Sigunick at his pottery class at Bleakley Studios in Cragsmoor. They later. All I did was help her acknowledge that. At least, this is how it seemed Both projects involved the community: kids and local residents fired many of the ceramic tiles affixed to the pieces.

Not long before her passing, Sigunick completed a limited-edition book entitled Letters to Shakespeare. Sigunick became enamored of Shakespeare after taking a class on the playwright with Leigh Williams at DCC when both were teaching there. Sigunick shared an interest in Shakespeare with her son, Adam, a dialog that brought her much joy and continued into her last days.

Borrowed costumes manipulate our experiences of each character, and the lighting, stage sets, co-opted space, [are] all designed to touch our minds and feelings and coax us into recognition of ourselves in them. Flying Horses Hello Shakespeare Even in her nightgown my mom seemed elegant to me. She captured me, her youngest, with her white refrigerated but quiet sort of beauty and cozy warm undertones beneath a 30 something disengaging melancholy, like she knew, she just knew, she had missed her train. I never actually saw her write her short stories but I knew, from evidence that she did.

My sister, Phyllis, knew about the rejection letters. Those stories died with her. Nothing left of them. Not now. If her ghost would come forth and beckon me straight on, neither to the left nor to the right, but straight on Truth, I would walk naked in the forest with mom and talk of her brilliance and introduce her to her Self, an artist who can tell a story like no other.

She would know me without my costumes. Nothing to do. The stage has no stairs. In the beginning I was born an artist. And a sister. The wife, student, teacher, caseworker and mom parts came with choices. Dad loved eating and cooking. He invented a caramel corn machine. Mom might have risen to accomplished writer, but instead clung to scripted expectations of her south side of Chicago Jewish community. His gruffness made her cry. His money and power freed her. Frightened and fragile, incapable of confrontation to protect an energetic imagination, she married at 19 years old, managed the household finances and the underpinnings of a fashionably successful family with two cars in the driveway, shopped, cooked, had her nails done all by 25 years old , sent her three children off to school, accused the colored woman of misdeeds like stealing the scotch, which mom drank, socially, on the rocks.

It started when the Poker Game Group strolled in, two by two, husbands and wives, and our dining room table morphed into a world of ashtrays rapidly filling with bad smelling butts, cigarette smoke creeping into my favorite hiding spaces, sounds of swirling ice and screeching laughter from my favorite aunt. Hiding upstairs, I imagined not growing up this way.

Mom napped on our couch just about every afternoon, and then, when I was a young teen, she announced her plan to return to school. She completed her undergraduate studies followed by an MA in elementary education. He seemed angry. She dug in and engaged The Battle, admirably. Then a huge graduation celebration, planned and catered by Dad, and off she went to teach in a low income Chicago neighborhood south and west of our statuesque brick home near Lake Michigan, loved by her colleagues and students. I imagined I could do this when grown up.

They return this summer to work on their next musical "The Golden Spike. Kayaking on the river. Apple picking with the kids. Reveling in the silence and fresh air under clear, star-filled night skies. For many, those are the scenes that first come to mind when they think of the Hudson Valley—not the anticipatory backstage bustle, emotion-packed and uproarious dialog, or expertly choreographed dance routines set to vibrant musical scores associated with the grand theaters of Broadway.

But over the last few decades, that perception has been changing—dramatically, one might say. But why here? Why not in the belly of the beast itself, down amid the glitter, the greasepaint, and the glow of the footlights? Since , the college has maintained a partnership with the Manhattan-based incubator New York Stage and Film.

And the summer-long program lives up to its name in more ways than just the literal nod to its power-plant past. Photo by Karl Rabe. Not all of the projects or phases of projects that come to Powerhouse are open to the public during their gestations; in certain cases, the writers or directors bring their works there to be able to gauge and make adjustments to them in a real time, closedshop environment before taking them.

Vassar grad Lilli Cooper. Join us as we discuss the web of life that depends on the Hudson River and how we can protect the ecosystem! Photo by Cory Weaver. Conversely, several stars have bypassed Broadway and come directly to Bard to perform plays. Of course, long before a musical or play can make it to any stage, much less the bright lights of Broadway, it has to first be written. For , the facility is welcoming 27 writers of nine new musicals to its beatific grounds.

On the other, it melts into the arms of its own darkness. This romantic collection of poems is available on Amazon. Which means you need a great bio for your press kit or website. Professionally written. Something memorable. Music editor, Chronogram. Published author. Award-winning music columnist, , Daily Freeman. Consultations also available. Reasonable rates.

See samples at www. E-mail info peteraaron. I also offer general copy editing and proofreading services. Perhaps the works that achieve the most recognition are the ones that take place literally in her backyard of western and upstate New York. Her heroines are strong-willed survivors of such circumstances as well as various crimes and tragedies that add even more hardship to their stories. Violet Rue Kerrigan is 12 years old when she witnesses her brothers literally burying evidence connected to the racially motivated murder of a promising black adolescent.

She is immediately cast out of her large family to go live with an aunt on the opposite side of the state. Her difficult situation becomes even more perilous following a series of abusive relationships with men. At the same time, Violet employs herself as a housecleaner, a job her own mother once resorted to and then later denied, in order to put herself through night school and have a better life. All of this leads to a narrative twist that only a seasoned writer like Oates can pull off just paragraphs away from the conclusion.

In her debut poetry collection, Mary Katherine Jablonski weaves a web of anticipations for the future, nostalgia for the past, and imaginative reflections on the present. With beautiful, haunting language, her poems bend time and place, jumping between pristine Vermont countrysides, mystical night skies, and the warren of her own psyche. Jablonski effortlessly shapeshifts between visual and tactile worlds and powerfully expresses both simplicity and struggle in the search for lasting fulfillment. This award-winning book examines the nature of high school violence and the veiled anger and motivations of teenage girls.

Shortly after her return home to Ulster County from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, rookie private investigator Alison Jenkins hears of the shocking disappearance of a decorated war veteran. She partners with her mentor, PI Margaret Singer, in an attempt to solve the unsettling case. With its quick pace, smart dialog, and dimensional characters, Say Nothing is a page-turner that excites and intrigues. This novel is a seamless blend of a riveting murder mystery and a political thriller with a filmic feel that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

As he struggles to change the political beliefs of his audience, Frank confronts myriad obstacles that threaten his livelihood and reputation as he loses readership. The only problem you will have with this fifth edition of the Hudson Valley classic guidebook is deciding where not to take the kids. Parents of kids and pre-teens may want to keep this encyclopedia of upstate artistic, cultural, and outdoor destinations handy for those long summer afternoons and family vacations.

The book contains neary pages of activities and locations primarily in the Hudson Valley with some outliers in the Capital Region, Adirondacks, Lake George, Cooperstown, and the Berkshires. Broken up by county, with reference maps, the book provides a plethora of expeditions, including the best beaches, bike trails, fishing spots, festivals and much more. Cole was intimately familiar with this landscape, which he painted several times. Author H. Daniel Peck, an English professor at Vassar College, argues that Cole illustrates his views on human nature through subtle symbolism woven into his recurring landscapes.

A winking self-promoter and a beatnik-styled bellwether of the whole idea of self-as-brand, Amram is, additionally, a heavy cat—one who collaborated with Leonard Bernstein, Jack Kerouac, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, and Arthur Miller. While the works on So in America are not in chronological order, a progression will be apparent to anyone paying attention to the dates. Early works like Sonata for Violin and Piano are stringently modernist in technique and harmonic language—de rigueur for the serious composer of the era.

Over the decades, there is marked warming in his compositional voice, a playful widening of reference and stylistic vocabulary, and a partial shift toward tonal harmony. Its stunning, long second movement is both meditative and oddly bluesy. Reisa Adato Shine Independent Reisaadato. She uses wisdom of the human condition to create seven poignant narratives on Shine, showcasing, with compelling voice and guitar, the benefits of studying songwriting with Rosanne Cash. Sometimes folk, alt-country, or even jazzy, Adato brings in a diverse array of core and guest musicians and vocalists to shape a radiant recording that feels like an intimate friend.

Simply put, this record not only shines, it glows. Hudson Valley keyboard virtuoso John Medeski brings some New Orleans flavor with his Mad Skillet band, resulting in a gumbo as hot and thick as an August afternoon on the Delta. Joined by guitarist Will Bernard and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band rhythm section of Kirk Joseph on sousaphone and Terence Higgins on drums, Mad Skillet uses a second-line template to weave together a surprising array of musical styles.

The vocal diversity holds the attention while keeping the vibe intimate. The cowboy guitars twang and waver with stinging psychedelic vibrato and lush vintage tones. Aided by sometimes lo-fi but complementary instrumentation by Jason Quever, Britta Phillips, and others, the album is an alluring and atmospheric take on some obscure classics. We lost a fine poet, an inspiring educator, and a good friend with the passing of Pauline Uchmanowicz. The accessories of childhood were made for consumption— the stacks of clean paper and waxy crayon points, little balls of Play-Doh salty and soft.

Indigo, cerulean, navy an ocean, the rain, the sky.

Happiness is a squiggle of orange Uncertainty a blank yellow circle and love— love is posey pink on a field of maroon. Chubby fingers skate across the canvas leaving smears of rainbow in their wake, those same fingers that picked the dried, fuzzy pods from the bush outside scattering the last of the seeds to the wind, blue-lipped and wide-eyed.

The sky was grey —Abigail Povill 16 years. Ready or Not The summer before Taylor died we rode to the park every day with baseball cards in our bicycle spokes, dove head-first into the deep end, and ate watermelon slices in our bathing suits. When the streetlights switched on, we took turns shooting bottle rockets from the back porch, listened as their high-pitched hum dissolved into August sky.

The loss is shared widely and deeply. The councils of morning must suffer or pay the price for waking those in the arms of another. Your kisses, sweet as sugared condensed milk, your hugs impossible to resist, your cough right in my face. I blame you for the virus. A mop was left leaning against a handrail on platform 2. There was rain and clouds and leafless trees and cement everywhere. It was bitter cold and the air smelled like burning fuel. The rain was torrential and the grey, noodle-like pieces of mop head were hydroplaning along the greyer, sloping earth, simultaneously soaking up and being drowned by the leaden water of Poughkeepsie.

There were high-rise apartments, derelict factories, empty IBM office buildings, and boarded-up Victorian homes in the filthy pools. And these ghosts—they wore rain jackets and looked up toward the severe sky, where their reflections were staring back down at them. And when it came, it hauled them away from the grey, endemic composition; away from the pools full of antiques and ghosts.

The ghosts—they stayed behind and waded through the city to recollect souvenirs, the wet trash sparkling around them like a childhood pool party.

I Saw the Signs

Through the barred window, a bleeding sunrise saturated the haze over the shingled roofs of elderly buildings. As I leaned over the railing and watched the river flowing away from the city, a twig peekaboo-ed from under the bridge and bobbed downstream. I thought not of home. Missin dad, miss my mother, missin sis and my brother. I asked to see a shotgun.

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Which is the best? I asked. This one, she said. She handed me a 12 gauge, 6 shot, pump action shotgun. It was heavy. I almost dropped it. She smirked. I aimed at the wall. I pumped the pump. I pulled the trigger. I pumped and pulled. Pumped and pulled. Six times I pumped and pulled. I was pretending 12 gauge shotgun shells were blasting the wall. I was starting to enjoy it. I was finding a rhythm. It felt like writing a poem. It felt like writing a 12 gauge 6 shot pump action poem.

Give it here, she said. I handed her the gun. Thanks, I said, What do you want this for? No, I said. For home defense then? Yes, I said. I want it for home defense. I understand, she said. Halfway across the cobblestone bridge, I stopped to read initials and dates carved onto the hanging padlocks: vandalistic tokens of eternal devotion between ephemeral?

From Columbus Avenue you set out on your voyage onto uncharted waters, in search of a new world. From your North Beach refuge, you established a beachhead against ignorance. Through July July 24 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 01 02 July Stormville Flea Market. Wander boldly into summer theater! John Cameron Mitchell, cocreator of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," performs a one-man show telling the origin story of the hit Broadway production on July Mitchell, the Tony Award-winning, Golden Globenominated cocreator of the renowned musical, will take audiences on an intimate and hilarious journey through just over two decades of life with Hedwig.

A critically acclaimed film version released in has gone on to achieve cult status and remains popular today. Suffice to say that Hedwig has a great many more fans in real life than in the dramatic story first—and now once again—told by Mitchell.

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This year, the schedule boasts a wide range of performances and dancing with a strong cabaret lean. Welcome to the Jungle. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a c3 nonprofit cultural organization that inspires, educates, and empowers individuals through the arts and humanities. The piece manages to neither glorify the act nor condemn those who have struggled with suicidal thoughts.

Rather, the humorous dialogue and costuming; indie rock soundtrack, featuring songs. What ensues is a story of resilience and determination in an unforgiving world. All Aboard! Ride our adventure trains on the scenic rail line departing from the historic Hudson Valley city of Kingston. Entertainment Inc. For more more info about these events andwww. The rock opera, with music from Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice, will be staged on July 27 at 2pm by a cast of local actors. The woodland park, the onsite museum of tools, gift shop, and art gallery will also be open to guests for browsing before and after the performance.

chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019 Chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019
chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019 Chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019
chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019 Chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019
chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019 Chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019
chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019 Chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019
chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019 Chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019
chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019 Chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019
chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019 Chronogram magazine horoscopes december 2019

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