Love compatibility based on chinese astrology

Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility Chart

On the other hand, an Ox woman is the embodi ment of devotion and compe Read More…. Rat-Rabbit Compatibility Rat Husband and Rabbit Wife The marriage between a Rat man and a Rabbit woman may not augur well, because of their diametrically opposite personalities. The Rat man rides on his sentiments, where as the indifferent Rab Read More…. However, they may fail to see eye to eye sometimes, especially if one of them is a bit too much for the other.

For example, t Read More…. Whereas here, he partners a woman who is more of a cyn ical critic than a do Read More…. Rat-Sheep Compatibility Rat Husband and Sheep Wife The Rat man is practical and ambitious, whereas the Sheep woman loves being caressed with flashy displays of emotion. This is where they collide very often, for they s imply fail to come to t Read More…. However, the extent to which they will go i n order to achieve mari Read More…. For, he makes it a point to give as much time to his family as he gives to his profession.

Wherea Read More…. Boar-Boar Compatibility Boar Husband and Boar Wife This union could be a workable one if the partners are able to take the good and bad alike. Both of them will be strong, audacious but modest. They may lack purpose in life and may lack the t Read More…. Boar-Dog Compatibility Boar Husband and Dog Wife They will enjoy a compassionate and acceptable relationship despite their differing notions about life. Both are strong, open and truthful and are inclined to give it their best shot.

The Dog, Read More…. Boar-Dragon Compatibility Boar Husband and Dragon Wife This union will be reasonably successful and the gains will be more than the losses. Both are enthusiastic and compelling in their own separate ways. The commanding Dr agon lady could inspir Read More…. Boar-Horse Compatibility Boar Husband and Horse Wife Both parties are overindulgent and outgoing and could gain from each other to a great extent.

She is creative and enterprising while he is reliable and good-natured.

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H e likes to see her happ Read More…. Boar-Monkey Compatibility Boar Husband and Monkey Wife This will be a fairly polite partnership, but the two may not be very captivated by each other. The Boar is too forthright and fastidious for the obscure Monkey. She h as very strong tastes Read More…. The starkly different view of life and the disposition of the two lead frequently to friction in the relationship.

Generall Read More…. She is wise, flexible and refined, and will convey some of her cleverness to him in a subtle way without him knowi Read More…. Boar-Rat Compatibility Boar Husband and Rat Wife These two are fairly attracted to each other, and they will make an attempt to be friendly and maintain a peaceful relationship. Both are extroverted and enthusiastic.

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Their life will centre a Read More…. Boar-Rooster Compatibility Boar Husband and Rooster Wife This could turn out to be a workable union provided that both make appropriate sacrifices. There will definitely be clashes of interests but both have it in them to wo rk out solutions it t Read More…. Boar-Sheep Compatibility Boar Husband and Sheep Wife The two in this compatible union will give their best and nurse a deep and genuine love for each other.

He is athletic, chivalrous and concerned enough to make the sof t and emotional Sheep h Read More…. He thinks of her as too complicated and enigmatic. She is very sophisticated, forwar d looking and intellect Read More….

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Both are devoted, aggressive and broad-minded in their outlook and will prop up each othe r quite nicely. The Boa Read More…. His is impetuous while she is forbearing and tolerant. He is combative a nd she loves to be th Read More…. Dragon-Dog Compatibility Dragon Husband and Dog Wife The union will be riddled with disputes as both are temperamental but in vastly different ways. Both are pugnacious, but he loves his space and will behave independen tly while she demands Read More…. She wil l not like to be su Read More…. But the studious Dragon may find her too irresolute and too detached about maintaining the house.

Things be Read More…. He is drawn to her charisma while she appreciates his skills of leadership. Both are go-getters and their perform ance is more than a Read More…. Dragon-Ox Compatibility Dragon Husband and Ox Wife Both have a strong sense of duty but are obstinate, a trait that could make or break a union. He works for name and fame, while she is more materialistic.

If he fails in his efforts to earn Read More…. Dragon-Rabbit Compatibility Dragon Husband and Rabbit Wife She needs his courage and valour, while he relies on her efficiency and friendliness. He is powerful and unreserved. She is clever and easygoing. She does up a cosy an d artistic home for Read More…. She will follow her ideal wherever he goes. He is big-hearted but she is tight-fisted and resourceful. Thus, while he toils away a Read More…. Dragon-Rooster Compatibility Dragon Husband and Rooster Wife Having smoothed out the wrinkles first, this couple can achieve a great deal of compatibility.

Her sharp discrimination comes in handy but her blunt remarks at times c an hurt his inflat Read More…. Dragon-Sheep Compatibility Dragon Husband and Sheep Wife This union calls for tremendous effort from both to succeed and is as such not very appealing. He is outgoing and self-reliant while she is emotive and temperamental.

She is homely and va Read More…. Dragon-Snake Compatibility Dragon Husband and Snake Wife If these two diverse personalties can adjust to each other, not only a fruitful but even a dynamic relation could ensue. He is full of energy, impulsive and likes to d ominate, while she i Read More…. Both partners are outgoing and hyperactive. She Read More…. Monkey-Boar Compatibility Monkey Husband and Boar Wife In this union there could be a strong chemistry, but it may fade with the trials and tribulations of a married life.

She is productive and faithful to the people she l oves, bus she often ta Read More…. Monkey-Dog Compatibility Monkey Husband and Dog Wife These two can make for a compatible marriage since both have a friendly inclination towards each other. The Monkey is creative and outgoing, while the Dog is willing t o throw in her might if Read More….

He is pragmatic and clever, while she has suffi Read More….

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However, it is their selfishness that will determine whether they can live in harmony. Neither of t hem have great reserv Read More…. If these two can think in terms of teamwork and not selfishly, they can make rapid strides together. No obstacl Read More…. He is outgoing, a thorough extrovert, while she is an introvert and is not very talkative.

Undoubtedly, both hav e immensely positive fac Read More…. Monkey-Rabbit Compatibility Monkey Husband and Rabbit Wife He is an optimistic and original thinker besides being an eye-catching performer. She is amiable and cultured, but a little cosmetic. Both are selfish and cunning whe n it comes to meetin Read More….

She is a jovial and efficient home-maker, while he is a good planner and she will be proud of him. She can inspire the charmin Read More…. Monkey-Rooster Compatibility Monkey Husband and Rooster Wife These two forward-looking and worldly wise signs spend more time quarrelling than cooperating. Both have a craving for appreciation. The Monkey likes to get work accom plished without fus Read More…. He will be pleased with her care for detail and affection but still finds that her faults ar e more than her posit Read More….

He is jovial, extroverted and industrious, while she is determined, ambitious and modern.

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They are both in the sam e boat but forever ar Read More…. Monkey-Tiger Compatibility Monkey Husband and Tiger Wife This combination is not a very compatible one and the two cannot expect too much happiness from it. Both demand their share of space and will not tolerate intrusion i n it of any sort, and Read More…. Rooster-Boar Compatibility Roster Husband and Boar Wife The faithful, relaxed and trusting Boar takes things as they are without going into the depth and prefers to be superficial rather than saying something to hurt others. On the other hand, Read More…. Rooster-Dog Compatibility Roster Husband and Dog Wife Both signs in this union have refined minds, lay a great deal of store by their integrity and are confident.

Both are also very blunt in speech. Rooster-Dragon Compatibility Roster Husband and Dragon Wife This is an extremely compatible union, and the intelligent Rooster will be enamoured of the boldness and optimistic personality of the Dragon wife. She will recognise his inborn qualiti Read More…. Rooster-Horse Compatibility Roster Husband and Horse Wife These two individuals are easily affronted because they are both head-strong and therefore a compatible union is less than likely.

The annoying but straightforward Roo ster will criticise Read More…. Rooster-Monkey Compatibility Roster Husband and Monkey Wife This union is likely to be a cold and uncomfortable one unless both decide to alter their ways to make it click. She has the unsettling habit of latching on to whateve r she can lay her Read More…. He is also a Read More…. He is blu nt, exacting and o Read More…. Rooster-Rat Compatibility Roster Husband and Rat Wife He is discreet and an idealist; she is inspiring, pragmatic and intelligent in her own way. He is dominating, rigid and given to lecturing. Being resourceful and effic ient herself, the Rat Read More….

Both are easily irritated and often will try to impose their own views wit hout caring about Read More…. She is compassionate and dependent. He may condescend to her need to latch on b ut will not tolerat Read More…. Both are brainy but in their pecul Read More…. Both are hasty and advanced signs but have diverse outlooks in life. He is too self-centred and erratic for the flashy Tig er wife, and she is Read More…. Neither minds letting go of trifles and both of their interests are centred around the home.

The Boar is talka Read More…. Though she is reasonable and amiab Read More…. He will be fascinated by her intelligence and dominating ways, while she will be enthused by his faithfulness and compassion. On the other hand th Read More…. His happy and amiable manner will balance out his low moods. He may be envious and possessive whil e she is independent a Read More…. Just because he is too submissive, all her cleverness and artfulnes s will only upset him Read More….

Although she is diligent enough to look after him and his family well, she will not enj oy his outlandish demands Read More…. If the clever and uncanny Rabbit chooses to take the responsibility of encouraging the Sheep, she can help him achiev e great things. She i Read More…. Sheep-Rat Compatibility Sheep Husband and Rat Wife Both are compatible only to a certain extent, in that they have great compassion and are cosy.

She is capable, asks a lot of questions and works hard. He is prone to taking the easy way out Read More…. He is negative and self-centred, she i s positive and outgo Read More…. She, though, may be the more dominating of the two. But they could do wonders with the combined efforts of both. He wi ll take the onus when Read More…. Sheep-Snake Compatibility Sheep Husband and Snake Wife Things will not be ideal in this union but it could be made to work if each makes a genuine effort.

Both are worldly wise and open to beauty and sophisticated ways, tr aits which could prove Read More…. She is moody and unorthodox. He gets hurt easily by her abrupt bursts of anger and complaints. He is a gentle person and needs a calm and cosy Read More…. However, he feels she will not be able to support him in furthering his career as Read More….

She is lovable, faithful and fair. They will admire each other but she will not support him at the cost of her principles. He expe Read More…. Snake-Dragon Compatibility Snake Husband and Dragon Wife He is endearing but possessive and complex; she is large-hearted and excitable.

The Snake is cautious and calculated and she may have her task cut out trying to get a cross her point of vie Read More…. He is careful, clinging and has a strong will-power; she is daring and impetuous. The Snake finds her reckless and hard to keep pace wit Read More…. Their relationship will be fraught with petty quarrels and both are competitive and calculating. She could make the sna Read More….

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They are practical and sophisticated and have similar beliefs. He is adamant and clever; she is cultivated, proper and vi Read More…. As the two share the same likes and dislikes, they can achieve a compatible relationship both mentally and emotion Read More…. She will love her inward lookin g husband, although she c Read More…. Snake-Rooster Compatibility Snake Husband and Rooster Wife These are two intelligent, scheming and performance-oriented signs and will prefer power and hard cash in the kitty to romance in poverty.

She is a competent housekeep er, while he is the b Read More…. The potent Snake may get too involved in his objects of attachments, but will detest it when she clings to him. The practical and acti Read More…. Snake-Snake Compatibility Snake Husband and Snake Wife Both are on the same level and will communicate well when involved in the same project. They both are open-minded and as such will not cling to each other too much. Th ey can be persevering Read More…. Both are sensual and distrustful of each other.

He is sophisticated, brillia nt and steady; while s Read More…. Tiger-Boar Compatibility Tiger Husband and Boar Wife The union is a compatible one as both work selflessly for the goals of the other, rather than for their own. She will relentlessly devote herself to the goals of the T iger, and he will appr Read More…. Tiger-Dog Compatibility Tiger Husband and Dog Wife This is an ideal union of two very understanding, attractive and compassionate signs. The Tiger is full of passion and zest.

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She is compassionate and of a helpful natu re. The Dog is unclutte Read More…. Even then, both signs enjoy mingling with close friends and like-minded people and this can act as a significant binding force between the Rabbit and Pig partners. A love match between the Rabbit and Pig not only stands to benefit from the above shared traits but also from their ability to complement each other. However the affable and easy-going nature of the Rabbit ensures that the Pig feels loved and understood.

This potential to complement each other is true of their love-making as well. It may take a while for the couple to get intimate with each other mainly because of the shy nature of the Pig woman. Eventually however when they do make love, it will be an experience marked not so much by burning intensity or overwhelming flamboyance but by romance, creativity and tenderness. Challenges of a Rabbit-Pig love match The highly emotional nature of the Pig could be a prime reason for a falling-out between this pair.

For this creature, love often expresses itself in either of two extreme compulsions - a Pig can either become rather needy and wish to be pampered and taken care of or they can go all out to lavish emotional support on a partner who may not even be deserving of their largesse. On the other hand Rabbits, for all their sociable natures, do not like to wade into the intricacies of emotions and thus prefer to stay away from complexities of feelings and sentiments in a relationship.

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In order to survive in the long run, the Rabbit and Pig will have to come to terms with their mutual differences. The Pig is highly sentimental and can be extremely upset at either an actual or perceived slight from a partner. This attitude might be incomprehensible to the Rabbit who would much rather use social interaction and communication to sort out differences — a skill which the Pig unfortunately lacks.

The Rabbit might need to be more demonstrative of his commitment to the relationship while the Pig would have to learn to be more expressive, self-reliant and confident as far as emotional validation is concerned. Skip to main content.

love compatibility based on chinese astrology Love compatibility based on chinese astrology
love compatibility based on chinese astrology Love compatibility based on chinese astrology
love compatibility based on chinese astrology Love compatibility based on chinese astrology
love compatibility based on chinese astrology Love compatibility based on chinese astrology
love compatibility based on chinese astrology Love compatibility based on chinese astrology
love compatibility based on chinese astrology Love compatibility based on chinese astrology
love compatibility based on chinese astrology Love compatibility based on chinese astrology
love compatibility based on chinese astrology Love compatibility based on chinese astrology
Love compatibility based on chinese astrology

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